Our Story

Greece for us is the place where our souls are in peace

About Us


Hello everyone from our little family team.

For years we were digital nomads and traveled from country to country, from city to city. And in one moment, unique emotions came to us. We lived in Neos Marmaras and started to feel it like our native home. We had the joy of every single moment living there. It was so hard to leave these lovely places and move to forward. But we had planed to come back as soon as possible. 

Now we are living in Ukraine. We are ok, still dreaming about our turning back. But we can't make it when our motherland Ukraine is under attack. We can't leave our country in the darkest time ever. At the same time, this site is one of our inspirations and gives us the force not to dive into depressive thoughts. Our possibility to move in imagination by routes and trails all over Greece and escape from the reality full of alarms and rocket attacks. 

We want to share our experience with everyone planning the road trips who do not know what steps are right or wrong. We want to avoid your mistakes, to give you the background to make the right choice. Please, rest on our web portal pages, find new ideas, and get help from our advice.


Meanwhile, we look to the future with hope and believe that after our country's victory and restoration, we will come back to Greece, which is nonstop living in our hearts.